Chad Dougatz,

Co-Owner The Hangar Studios

How long have you been a director, producer and a sound engineer?

Since 1993, I have worked my way from up from small town radio DJ in Tucson, Arizona to being an executive producer of many well know nationally-syndicated radio shows. I have always been an audiophile! Simply, I LOVE what I do. It became a passion and not work. I then realized that my gift, my passion, was better served to create professional audio products that are attainable by entrepreneurs of all financial stages, independent authors, and speakers. From there, The Hangar Studios grew into the multimedia company it is today.

Jennifer Ho,

Co-Owner The Hangar Studios

Jennifer, what do you do here at The Hangar Studios?

Having spent over 13 years in business and marketing, I LOVE finding new and innovative ways to communicate brands through various platforms. Having worked with many startups as a consultant, I understand what it takes to get your image (in all the 5 senses) out to the general public. I handle the business side of The Hangar Studios where I get to shine in my passion which is building the business, marketing, and having a relationship with our prospective and current clients.

Favorite quote: “100% is possible, 100% of the time.”

So with all this technology that we have today,
I could create my audio/video project for free at home.
Why use The Hangar Studios?

Yes, it’s free but not free of added smacks, hisses, pops, and other noises the mic will pick up. We also edit your piece so the sound is flawless. Our motto, “SPEAK FREELY”, isn’t just a tagline. You will be able to speak freely and our job is to make sure that it is targeted for your audience, spotlessly edited, and that you get a QUALITY end product. Our studio has over $50,000 worth of state of the art equipment that ensures the ultimate audio capture.

A lot can go wrong with videography. Lighting, sound, editing are just a few issues that can arise from “homemade” productions. Our team of videographers are actual FILMMAKERS, not just a man with a cam. Want your 3 minute video to look like a movie trailer and show a more creative spin on you or your product that you are showcasing? How about your entire event?

Even thinking about going to a
professional studio makes me nervous!

Here’s a great quote from Jerry Seinfeld: “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” We come across this all the time. You are not alone! We work with you to optimize the sound of your product and to make this a fun experience.

All I want to really know is if I’ll get a return
on my investment if I work with The Hangar Studios?

Well, let’s do the math. There are so many ways to look at this. Here are a few:

Let’s say that you spend $3,000 for your new podcast.  You invite a guest on for an interview of whom you’ve been wanting to collaborate with on a new project. After the interview, you stay in touch and later they use your services. It’s paid for itself and with every new guest you gain a new relationship.


Your podcast will become your new lead generator. Advising the listeners on the current, upcoming and/or innovative trends in your industry positions you to be a thought leader giving you access to thousands of potential clients.


But there’s more! When you position yourself as a savvy, thought provoking podcast by reaching a certain amount of downloads per episode, it may be time to start looking for advertisers who will want to purchase an ad spot on your show. The show could pay for itself and you (and if it’s really pulling in numbers, your new house in Tahiti!).

Who is your ideal client?

We love working with people who know the value of marketing and are wanting to elite sound quality.
The care and that extra mile that you go to give your clients show through the quality of the products that you give them.

What type of person is this NOT for?

We recognize that this is not for people who take a backseat approach to their business.
Marketing tools, demos, and audio books all create revenue for you.
If you are looking for clients and need a product to get them into the door of your business, then we are for you!

Also, this is NOT for people who are not open to taking direction.
We have been at this long enough and our ultimate goal is create an outstanding product for you.
We are working with you not against you. Your success is our success!

Ok, I want to do this for myself and my business, but I have a couple of questions. Can I call you?

Of course! 516.366.0333

Office hours are M-F 10-6 EST.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. VISA, MC, Amex

Ok, I know what I want. How do I get started?

Congrats on making that investment for yourself and your business! Give us a call at 516.366.0333 to chat with us about your exciting project!