Podcasts have been around for a while but highly underutilized as a marketing tool by many.
So why is it such an emerging media? Here’s two reasons:

Smart phones! People can directly download on-the-go their favorite podcasts.
Podcasts are easily accessible on iTunes and several other media portals.

Narrow casting.  Audiences want to listen to their favorite topics HOW they want to, WHEN they want to.
Podcasts allow them to listen to what they want on demand.

The most common types of Podcasts

Thought Leader

Become an industry leader in your field by hosting your own podcast based on your field of expertise.

Branded Content

Get your company’s message out there with a podcast which highlights your company’s message.

Revenue Generating

You can create your own podcast in the hopes of generating revenue thru ad sales.

With over 20 years of experience in terrestrial radio, Hangar Studios has become the “go-to” top podcast production company for everyone from the top Fortune 100 companies to your next door neighbor from coast to coast.

Not just a typical recording studio: our background has been producing top terrestrial radio shows at stations such as Air America, Sirius/XM, Premiere Radio Networks, Newsweek, and WOR Radio. So not only do we have the most up-to-date recording software and technology, we know what it takes to create professional shows with the highest quality. For this reason, and for the love and care we have for this work, Hangar Studios is now one of the top radio and podcast production companies.

On top of professional audio recording, podcast creation, and radio production, we provide you with the option of recording an in interview, in real time, via our telephone patches. Whatever your audio or radio needs may be, we here at Hangar Studios can provide it. We’ll go above and beyond to give you the care and help you create exactly what you are looking for in the absolute best recording quality possible. If you have any questions or queries about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Question: Where would I be without Hangar Studios?
Answer: No where
The Hangar Studios and I have forged a perfect, professional partnership allowing me to host my own
women's talk show, a dream I've finally been able to fulfill after a 30+ year career in radio news broadcasting.
The Hangar Studios's smarts, skill, and temperament have been invaluable. It's been a joy working/collaborating with them.

Sandi Klein Host/Executive Producer – “Sandi Klein’s Conversations with Creative Women”

As the CEO of a Social Media agency, innovation in marketing is a top priority for me: not only for my
business but also for my personal brand. It is from this journey that I came to work with The Hangar
Studios and experienced first hand their talent and expertise. I'm consistently impressed by the level of professionalism at the studio and their ability to achieve outstanding results. Their knowledge, dedication
and overall positive attitude make for a great working relationship and I truly look forward to our future
work together.

Carrie Kerpen CEO at Likeable Media

As producer/host of the For Your Ears Only/On Air syndicated, non-profit, weekend radio and Internet program since it began as Newsweek On Air in 1982, I have immense respect and gratitude for the
skill and dedication of The Hangar Studios that have done so much to keep our show. While staying up with the latest technology, The Hangar Studios also helps us stay true to traditional high standards of content and quality. They're great with all the people involved. And they cares.

David M. Alpern, For Your Ears Only, formerly Newsweek On Air

Hangar Studios has been delivering flawless podcasts for our website for almost a year. They are a genuine turnkey solution; I send the text and a few days later, I get my podcast. The stable of talent is
also excellent. I was able to select a few voices that are perfect for our international erudite audience. The Hangar Studios also has deep insight for customer support. They thoroughly understand what I am looking for even if there are some mistakes in the script. If they have questions, they reach out to me quickly so we can keep on schedule. Partnering with Hangar has lifted a weight off of my shoulders and freed me up for other work.

Patrick, Senior Producer, International Management Consulting Firm