Creating a Win-Win World
unnamed(1)This year The Hangar Studios will be at the New York Business Expo for the first time. It's a huge expo for business owners and we are uber excited and truthfully, a little nervous. Why? Well, it's our first big expo and we are the only company of our kind there. We want to make a great impression. So, as soon as we made the commitment to be there, we started brainstorming.
The Importance of Connection
unnamedConnection is one of the most important aspects of business, and naturally, life in general. Whether you are reaching out to your audience, friends, family, spouse, children or the person at the grocery store, it's essential to establish a connection. It is a basic, yet profound, human need. The effects of having this relation with people will have amazingly positive impacts for everyone, and all in all, when it comes down to it, we all just want to express ourselves, to be heard and understood. Here are six tips for creating connection:
Have Your Lost Your “Why”?
shapeimage_2Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They are not cut from the same cloth as most. Truth is it takes A LOT of grit, adaptability, passion, patience and a crystal clear vision to be an entrepreneur.
Newsletters, Bloody Newsletters
shapeimage_2Each morning when I wake up and check my email I am inundated with more newsletters telling me to do more, be more, and buy more. Most, I immediately trash. Few, catch my eye.
5 Ways to Get S#$% Done

shapeimage_2People ask me all the time how I handle so many clients with ease. Here are the top 5 ways that I keep myself in check and on track.

Need Clarity? How to Create Your Vision

Just like a dust storm, our "stuff" can cloud our vision, not allowing us to see clearly the road ahead. For most, this is the bane of entrepreneurial existence! Sometimes we aren't even driving on a road,

FUNnel Creation

This is your funnel waiting to be created. Creating an awesome funnel brings you more customers, clients, fans (or whatever you'd like to call the people that love what you do!) and takes them through a journey that builds a relationship, trust and lifetime fans! If you don’t have a funnel setup yet, then there are some fun times ahead.
8 Tips for Marketing Your Book

I'm in the air right now on my way to a much needed vacation and I was just thinking about how so many authors are up in the air about what to do next after they publish their book, ebook and/or audio book. Firstly, I applaud those who have done something with their manuscript.

The First Step
firststep We know that sometimes it's just so hard to take that first step. But lemme tell you, that once you do, it's so liberating! Take this newsletter for instance. We had been talking about it for quite a while now.