8 Tips for Marketing Your Book


I’m in the air right now on my way to a much needed vacation and I was just thinking about how so many authors are up in the air about what to do next after they publish their book, ebook and/or audio book. Firstly, I applaud those who have done something with their manuscript.

After jumping through the hoops of editors, illustrators, agents, website designers, etc. (which in itself seems daunting and impossible to get through at times) then they need to market their book. So many authors need to become business people after their book is written! Most of the time authors just want to do what they love most, write. So here are some tips for those who are finished writing their long awaited book:

This is probably the most important: Remember EVERYONE started from NOTHING. Discouragement and disappointment are viruses that will spread throughout your thoughts and may paralyze you. Don’t let it. Even Edgar Allen Poe, J.K.Rowling and Oprah started from NOTHING. The difference is how do you react when someone says no? What if the picture of your book sales and awareness is not where you want it to be? I doubt that these highly successful people took no for an answer. Be tenacious!

Find out who your target market is. If you are an author of a childrens book, well, you know where your market is: Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, schools, etc. We have an audio book that we’ve recently created called “I Might Be You: An Exploration of Autism and Awareness”. Their target market: parents of special needs children, educators and self help (inspirational) people. Don’t forget your secondary markets as well.

Join every social media group you can and stay on top of the accounts. Remember social media is social. Don’t just plug your book over and over and over again. Write posts that are relevant and elicit response (i.e. book on autism: post a question: “If you are a parent of an autistic child, what has been the most rewarding aspect?” or “What is a parenting trick that you’ve learned that you wish you had known earlier?”, you can also talk about recent news about your subject and ask what people think about it)

Go into your local bookstores and ask for your book to be on the shelves. Have you friends request as well. The more it is requested the better chance it’s in the bookstores.

Have everyone you know that has bought the book write a review on Amazon and every site that your book is sold. The more the merrier. People, including myself, only decide after I’ve read the reviews. More positive than negative reviews get my sale.

Have your book in multiple formats. The audio book industry is growing and FAST. The great thing about audio books is that you have less competition than in Ebooks so you’re chances of being seen (or in this case heard) are incredibly higher. Some people use audio books exclusively.

Think about creating a book trailer video. Video is a great way to connect to your readers and/or your prospective readers.

Be an expert on your subject. Get on radio, tv and podcasts!  Write a pitch. Include a picture of you, your book, your short bio and bullet pointed talking points. Make your pitch interesting. Call up the stations and find out who the producers are and speak or email them. Please note, this is a hurry up and wait game. Producers get a lot of pitches daily and are not so good at getting back to you so fast.

There are more things that you can do. Take one step at a time and don’t get discouraged. Like I always tell my clients, “If you the throw enough sh*t at the wall, something is bound to stick.”

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