Creating a Win-Win World

unnamed(1)This year The Hangar Studios will be at the New York Business Expo for the first time. It’s a huge expo for business owners and we are uber excited and truthfully, a little nervous. Why? Well, it’s our first big expo and we are the only company of our kind there. We want to make a great impression. So, as soon as we made the commitment to be there, we started brainstorming.

How are we going to make a lasting impression and draw people to our booth? We knew what we needed to “do” (banners, tables, chairs, update website, etc.) but we had nothing enticing other than our sparkling personalities.

For days, I was up late at night thinking and thinking and thinking and then it dawned on me: instead of how can we be the flashiest or edgiest booth with the coolest giveaways, how about we just show them what we do and help those around us! I started focusing out, instead of in and the flood of ideas finally came.

I started asking myself of ways I can positively effect everyone who visits us, the other vendors and the NYBE. In other words, how can I create a win win situation for all we touch? GOT IT! We’ll do live recording right there on the floor and interview passerbys so they can feel how incredible it is to be behind a mic and receive a recording of their interview to post, our existing clients can record their shows at the expo with their guests and we can create a podcast for the NYBE and raise awareness to other businesses through interviews from the other vendors and speakers for that podcast all the while creating awareness for us!

Once I had that win win vision, I contacted the host and our clients. Lo and behold, they all got on board and now it’s become a reality. Not only has the NYBE got on board but gave us twice the space to accomodate! To hear what’s happening that day, click on the image below:


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