Be Heard: The Art of Podcasting

Welcome to your podcasting journey and excited to be on it with you! Below are some items you may want to take with you, some that may spark your imagination and others that give people who like to analyze a big smile. In any case, you are not alone in your quest to be heard.  

Above is an example of what the production process looks like.

Get in the know with the information to get you started:

Equipment & Setup

Podcast Questionnaire for hosting site

Recommended podcast host service


Listen to Big Girl Panties with  host, Jennifer Ho. This is a storytelling pod told from first person chock full of production elements to stir up your imagination.

Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg is a interview style podcast that is an excellent example of what can be crafted from several conversations.

For my analyzers in the back! Check out these podcasting stats. Not only will it give you a snapshot of who is listening but also how your new pod is measuring up.

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