Need Clarity? How to Create Your Vision


Just like a dust storm, our “stuff” can cloud our vision, not allowing us to see clearly the road ahead. For most, this is the bane of entrepreneurial existence! Sometimes we aren’t even driving on a road,

but meandering from point A to B without a map. That’s because you haven’t developed a crystal-clear vision for your project — whether it’s a company, an audiobook, a video or going to the grocery store!

Before you start anything, get clear on what your vision for that project is. Without one, you will not succeed. Surprising? Not really. It would be very hard to wake up one morning and decide to travel to the beach without knowing which beach or how you’re getting there. Out of thousands of beaches, which one are you choosing to go to?

Here are 5 steps to creating that vision for your day, month, year, life, business or project:

1. What is it that you LOVE to do? I mean what is it that you REALLY love to do, not just what you are supposed to do. This part is very hard for some people to grasp. Most don’t know what they want or where to start. By diving into what you love to do, it sets you up for success in all facets of life. I am asking you to think back to your childhood and take a look at what you loved to do. The reason why childhood is important here is because at that time you had no boundaries, rules or obligations to live by. You were you in your purest form.

  1. Did you love listening to music? Why? Was it the emotion that it evoked within you? Is that what you want to create for others? Is there a way in your current business, life or project that you can elicit emotion?

  2. Did you love cooking or making play doh food? Why? Was it the creation process that you loved or, maybe, creating something that gave others a little joy in their lives? Is it possible that in your day, months, years, or projects that you can bring joy to the people that you are in contact with?

  3. Did you love playing with dolls? Why? Was it the creation of relationships between the dolls or perhaps your relationship with the dolls that you loved? Was it transforming a plain-Jane doll into a pretty one? How can you create relationships today or transform people, places or things into prettier versions of themselves?

In my childhood, I loved listening to music, walking around with my pink boombox listening to KJ103 in Oklahoma. I loved that feeling of joy and the transporting of self that the music gave me.

2. What is it that you want? Be clear! Most people have a clear idea of what they DON’T want, so you can start there. Look at the complaints that you currently have: “I’m broke”, “I hate my commute”, “I never have time with my family”, etc. Write down all of these down and next to them write what you would like instead. So instead of, “I’m broke”: “I want to make $___”, instead of “I hate my commute”: “I want to work within___”

Keep in mind, success does not necessarily mean rich and famous. For me, success is having a business where I get to help others become successful in their businesses and lives by setting up their roadmaps to their goals. My business is easy and effortless, staff that are superstars and are like family, constant stream of clients that are better for knowing us. This business affords time and plenty of travel with family and friends. What is it that you want?

3. Set a “by when” date. Most people work well within deadlines. If you have no target date, most likely it will not be done! Most businesses focus on 5 year marks for large projects, but you can set them whenever you like. Just make sure that you do.

4. Reverse engineer. This means look at the entire picture of what it is you want and work backwards from there. Here’s a simple scenario in which reverse engineering can be understood. If in one year, you want to have a new car:

  • Which car do you want (make it within your reach or just a little above)? How much is it?

  • At your current income, what can you afford to save? Multiply that by 12 (one year). If you can’t, it’s ok, we’ll get to that excuse in a minute.

  • Once you get to the amount you can save over the next 12 months towards the car, how much more do you need?

  • Here’s where you can get the clear picture of what you need to do to own that car. If you can’t save enough for it, think about your low-hanging fruit (this is the easy ways that you can make money). Make a list: Are there other jobs that you can do than what you are currently doing? What can you get rid of or sell to make money? Can you put in place a budget so that you can cut your spending and put the extra money towards the car? etc. Write out your list of low-hanging fruit. You’d be amazed at how creative you can get to make money.

Remember that your excuses are just that, excuses. I know that if you put your mind to it that you can make it happen. I love this quote from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re right.”

5. Write it out, get input and share. It’s easy to say this is my vision for…but it becomes a reality when you write it down on paper using the above information, get input on your vision and share it with your team, family or partner. Once we put our vision out there others will hold us accountable and you can enroll them in your vision. You never know who can help during the process. Some may punch holes in your grand idea (remember all input is helpful in honing in on the vision), others may know someone who can get you from one step to the other just by mentioning it. People want to inherently help. Let them.

Here’s to you reaching your goals!

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