One-on-One Consulting

Ready to get started on your podcast journey but not sure how to get going? No two podcasts are alike so why get an overview when you can get a step by step actionable walkthrough for you and your support team of what it takes to go from concept to launch.

Hangar Studios

Over 4 - one hour Zoom calls in 4 weeks
and live feedback of the process, we will cover:

For this walkthrough, you can expect to have “homework” that will need to be completed. Once complete, you will be given constructive feedback via emails and during virtual one one one sessions.


Podcast Audit

What could you do to get on the right track with your current podcast? Get an in-depth analysis of your current show. We’ll review all aspects of your podcast including technical, structure, show notes, workflow, marketing and share a detailed audit of what’s working and what can be tweaked. The audit will be followed by a video call where we will go through the detailed audit.


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