The First Step


We know that sometimes it’s just so hard to take that first step. But lemme tell you, that once you do, it’s so liberating! Take this newsletter for instance. We had been talking about it for quite a while now.

We actually had been talking about it so much that we forgot the most important part: getting it done! I said, “ok, Jennifer, park your butt in a chair, breathe, don’t worry about the little things and just do it!” and voila, you are reading it.

Same goes for anything in life, right? Want to get that book written..sit down and write it. Want to reach your readers or clients in a different way…we’re here. If you can’t take leaps and bounds immediately, then don’t beat yourself up. Start with baby steps! Sit down, check. Take a deep breath, check. Center myself, check. You get the idea…

Martin Luther King Jr, was right when he said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

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