In today’s publishing landscape, it is no longer enough to just print a book — an audiobook is also necessary to reach your full potential. Whether it’s for convenience, ease of taking in, or lack of time to sit down to read, the audiobook is continuously finding new crowds and growing in popularity amongst people of all ages. – In fact, it is now a $1.6 BILLION a year industry.

When recording your audiobook with Hangar Studios, you will get great customer service and  the absolute highest quality of work. We understand what it takes to create and market your work  successfully. We will coach you on how to narrate your own book or we will work with you to cast the right voice over talent. Once recording is complete, we will finish up the editing process, master the product, and upload the audiobook to Amazon, iTunes, and Best of all, and unlike other audio production companies, the book is listed entirely in your name and Hangar Studios receives no royalties from the sales of your book.



You send us your manuscript via email or snail mail.


An in-person or teleconference meeting is held where we discuss your expectations.


We determine if you’ll record the manuscript in your own voice at our studio or if a professional voice talent will be brought on board.


The recording sessions are scheduled and recording begins.


The proper music interludes are added in the production where need be.


The recorded audio is edited to remove page turning noise, breaths, re-takes, errors, smacks, hisses, pops, etc.


The audio is mixed down and mastered.


The master CD’s are burned, ready for duplication or replication. The mp3 is delivered to you as well.

Highly professional and fun!—that's my experience recording my audiobook at Hangar Studios. The Hangar Studios is highly knowledgeable and a true pleasure to work with. I enthusiastically recommend them.

Just spent five days in New York City, recording the audio version of my book, POWERING UP! in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Hangar Studios team are audio MAGICIANS, pros and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly if you or any of your network have a book to record.

These professionals are top notch and amazingly personable too. Thank you Hangar Studios! More than satisfied, b.

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