Jennifer Ho,

Founder / CEO

After being in the marketing and business consulting world for over 15 years, she decided to join the ranks of podcast early adopters in 2009 to open Hangar Studios, the first woman of color owned podcast production company. Today, Jennifer focuses on client acquisitions, operations, growth and client onboarding. Jennifer also hosts and produces two podcasts: Big Girl Panties and Stripped. On her days off, she is on the advisory board for EndAbuse4Good, a public speaker on topics pertaining to podcasting and leadership, coaches others to speak freely in their lives, refinishes furniture and, best of all, a mom and friend to her 5 kids.

Max Solomon,

Production Manager

While pursuing a degree in Neuroscience at the University of Vermont, Max decided to take his lifelong passion and skills in audio production and turn it into a professional career. After adding Music Technology as a second major and while completing both programs, Max recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered a variety of content for dozens of independent artists and organizations. After graduating, Max moved to NYC and joined the Hangar team. Now, when he’s not at Hangar, Max can be found performing with his band, The Onlys, or one of the many other projects he’s actively involved in.

Rich Cerbini,

Chief Engineer/Editor

For nearly a decade, Rich has been an audio post production engineer, mixer, sound designer and composer. His work has been featured in a broad range of media, including hit television shows, films, and video games. Out of the studio, Rich spends his time writing 8-bit inspired music and eating large amounts of ice-cream.

Emily Duffy,

Audio engineer

Emily has an interdisciplinary background in audio which began with her studies as a classical pianist. She has worked as an engineer since 2012 before landing at The Hangar. She takes pride in providing top quality audio, and a hospitable environment during recording sessions.
In addition to engineering and editing at The Hangar, she also produces music for film, television, and commercials. Her work has been featured in films for Warner Bros and Sony Pictures, as well as in ads for brands like Acura and Gucci.

Samantha Doyle

Audio Engineer

As a lifelong lover of music and film, Sam began her journey as a sound editor pursuing a degree in post-production, which eventually evolved into a focus in audio post-production, at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She moved to Savannah, GA to continue her studies at the sound department at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she developed even deeper passions for sound design, modular synthesis, and sound theory. After moving to New York City, She continued to work as a freelance podcast editor before joining the Hangar Team. When not editing, you can find her searching for quality vintage clothes, digging for obscure records, or watching riveting historical dramas.

Roscelia Ryan


Roscelia Ryan completed her audio engineering program at the Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona.  With the option to request an internship anywhere in the country, Roscelia was excited to be granted the opportunity to complete her internship at her first choice: Hangar Studios in New York.  Upon completion of the internship, Roscelia was honored to join the team as a full time audio engineer/editor. Roscelia Ryan (she/ her)

Caroline Kwash


I absolutely love my job, am a quick learner, and always striving to create the best content possible. As a producer and editor at Hangar studios, I am your go-to from scheduling guests to creating content and editing to make your dream come to life!She also has her own pod, Self Care & The Pursuit of Mindfulness.

Harry Sultan


Harry’s love of podcasts began during a summer in college when he filled his commute to an internship by binging Radiolab. Since then he’s gone on to study podcast production and has produced several documentary projects and countless episodes. When he’s not listening to his favorite podcasts with a refreshing cocktail, you can find him cooking in the kitchen or planning his next session of dungeons and dragons.

Dave Kwash

Website Designer / Developer

Dave is a passionate web designer and developer.He loves to help businesses grow and connect with more people. He has a wide knowledge of all things web related.With so much incorrect information out there, his goal is to be your guide to help sort through everything and focus on what is essential for your podcast and website.He also loves music and playing guitar.

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